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Seesaw Seats

This seating set design aims to create a fun and casual environment to engage the public both physically and emotionally. Unlike a traditional table and chair set that defines individuals or groups into a spatial territory, this seesaw seat originates its form from urban benches that are open to all sides. Small footprint, versatile and multifunctional, such group seats can fit very well into any plazas, street markets or indoor convention halls.


The fun and most distinguishing part is that it has a rubber base that forms the bench into a subtle seesaw. No matter if you are with a group or eating alone in this public setting, once you sit down, the seat will form its unique shape in space, until another person comes to balance it. Be it a stranger or acquaintance, you perceive the interaction by motion, in addition to eye and ear. In a metropolitan setting where most people enjoy the feeling of "alone together", this seesaw seat will add another layer of interaction and communication. 

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