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Portable Reading Room 

This proposal originates its idea from electrical car charging experience. Unlike gasoline, charging your car in the middle of the trip might take 10 -20 mins. Usually people will hang out in the mart or stay on their phones in the car. Tesla even has built in steering games in their system. This whole experience makes me think of a portable reading room  built next to the charging station.

Closely located behind the station, this timber stand is simply supported by a cross shape CLT column with an angled roof on top.  Divided into four equally spaced zones by acoustic panels, four people can use this stand simultaneously. Book exchange box is built onto the timber column within each zone, while an extendable bench on track can provide temporary seating. 

This simple structure aims to encourage people to park, stand/sit and read. Serving not only for charging station, they can be placed anywhere in the city, both as single unit or multiple grouping. On the side of the acoustic panel lies the vertical bike parking track, which allows urban bikers to enjoy a peaceful reading time as well.

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