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Groundscape | Design Aid Outdoor Learning Spaces | Collaboration with Diana Fang and John Trevor

Groundscape focuses on the flexibility of playful and functional elements that can be synthesized to enhance 
learning needs.  The influence of an outdoor environment cannot be overstated for developing minds, especially during a pandemic. This unique design matrix uses graphic surfaces, movable furniture, and an adjustable canopy to provide a learning setup inclusive of the imaginations of many, and includes tactile surfaces, vibrant hues, and sound-curating partitions.

 The ground is demarcated by playful colors and geometry - circles spaced 6’ apart deal with Covid concerns, while connective elements suggest social groupings.  

Stackable furniture and movable partitions can be arranged for different class configurations, and students are 
encouraged to help put them away afterwards. 

The canopy cover offers shade subject to environmental needs, using a basic framing structure with optional solar, planted or polycarbonate panels. Greenery and an interactive box garden nearby allow for students to feel at ease while learning.

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