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Stand Design for EdgeAllies' 2019 World Architecture Festival Presence

Inspired by the simple move of scoring and folding a paper ring, I found the three dimensional loop generated by the stress elegant, yet reveal the true characteristics of Edgeallies: integration, connection and trust. The loop represents all parties holding hands and circulating knowledge with full visibility and transparency all the way around. The floating nature at two ends not only provide free flow into the central space, but also put technology of material into highlight.

The material chosen for this proposal is timber, more specifically, mass plywood, a relative new technology being tested out recently in some pavilions. Using wood also traces back to the initial concept of paper origami since they share the material origin. The construction of mass plywood is also similar to stacking paper together, thus a close connection is maintained.

The detail of the mass plywood manufacture forms a natural taper from edge to center. Along the loop itself, the floating high point has a thinner profile while the grounded ones has a thicker presence. The flow between shapes is achieved by reducing/adding plys in adjacent segments. Between each 3'-0" long segment, aluminum plate connection is embedded with minimum appearance to allow the fluidity of wood to be prominent.

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